Tuesday, June 23, 2009

corrections, links

I should have mentioned re the "British Jobs/British Workers" strike, after my rather ad hoc comments, that proper reporting ought to have established first of all:

1. whether Total had reneged on an earlier agreement

2. how much the workers earned, and how this might change

The struggle now does not involve patriotism at all, but whether Total can get away with sacking its workers for going on strike.

Comrade Lenjino on the Lindsay strike

I don't think I could piece together a better analysis of the situation in Iran from English language public domain sources than Louis Proyect has:


It's a minefield of disinformation!

Whenever I've checked the blog Vineyard of the Saker I've found it accurate - it quotes a source in Iran, and briefs against Mousavi and Rafsanjani.

This piece about the Baseji, I think, rather oversells this organisation. The goon is ultimately the enemy of the worker, structurally, even.

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