Monday, December 06, 2010

student fees memo

1. The problem with the government's student fees plan is that they've already allowed tuition fees to expand excessively by maintaining an economic system in which property levies are allowed to compound necessary costs. The final expenditure represented by these fees must be mostly property income (has this even been analysed?). Making students personally responsible for paying these fees can hardly result in a "neoliberally" sound allocation of resources, when students are making decisions based on real costs that might be two or three hundred per cent different from real necessary costs. From the point of view of their own "science", the government are overpricing education, misallocating education by personalising fees, and increasing costs where education represents a necessary component cost (e.g. engineering services).

2. This is according to their own "science", presumably they mean to underwrite a social system with inherited class power.

3. If your MP has a bachelors degree, and they intend to vote for this bill, it might be worthwhile asking them if they intend to refund the £27000 worth of education they've already received, and if not, why not.