Tuesday, November 04, 2008

les derniers mohicans du neoliberalism

After first being described as a bail-out, the bill was now being called a rescue package, and all those lobbying to push it through were emphasising that this was meant to help the average American on Main Street, not the bankers of Wall street.

Wasn't this a dog of a bill? According to a strict application of the rules of analogy the partisans of pure neoliberalism disappointed by this bill could be compared to the supporters of the socialism of the third international, disappointed by the Nazi-Soviet pact. In both cases the directorate of a political tendency abruptly changed course and adopted a line wholly contrary to that which it had hitherto taken and the line advocated by its erstwhile supporters. Consequently in each case the directorate was revealed as less the providential expression of the will of its supporters than an appendage of other interest groups (respectively: Wall Street; the Kremlin). Nevertheless it would be unjust to make this comparison. While it is legitimate to consider the Republican Party and the PCF to be equivalent in the matter of disappointing their supporters, the existance of many generic similarities that are not consequential to the main point of comparison serves to blur a limited comparison into a general comparison. Hence one can suggest a general analogy between the Republican Party and the PCF without having to substantiate an explicit claim to this effect by establishing an accurate limited analogy.

The operatic struggle in the House of Representatives told us some things about the nature of the links between the economic and legislative powers in the US. Principally House Republicans fought to derail the bill or at least to gallantly appear among the defeated when it inevitably passed. The Democrats mainly caved in. The "rebels" could have framed their objections in the cold style of the professional economist but did not. They could have put together a credible manifesto and tried to defend it. The science of economics, as is well known, is hardly effective without the warranty of finance capital: of JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs etc. It appears that the Representatives took seriously their role as conduits between the people and the executive and framed their objections in folksy populism, to judge from the comments of those whose minds were changed:

Emanuel Cleaver, a Democrat from Missouri who voted "no" on Monday, said: "America feels differently today than it did on Monday about this Bill."

Sue Myrick, a Republican, returned from her North Carolina district having changed her mind after an array of local banks told her that they were at risk of collapsing.

John Boehner, the House Minority Leader, held back tears: "I think most Americans realise we are facing a serious crisis. It's time to act on behalf of the American people. It's about their savings, about their jobs."

They have some autonomy but the gravitational pull of economic power makes real independence onerous, unpalatable, eccentric.


catmint said...

... consequently it seems likely dominant capital had to coldly turn on the mohicans of neoliberalism who were in danger of becoming a bloody nuisance with their fixed ideas.

piet said...

was impressed with your writing so i am here to strike up some 'verscon'

this was meant to be the 23th comment there

I like black pages and when my own favorite composer software isn't around (still Composerby the way) i use that teeny tiny window ... which is actually way to small to not be left with 5 versions within 4 hours... what with trying to save stuff a quarter, third and half way through and almost again ... sigh ... well it won't let me post, i think he banned me, since this has happened before

PreS: this is not a response to anything but a whole bunch of ... errrrr, nonnunmudderated (yeah, thaddit!!) readin n lisnin.

black and white - Obama and Hudson (tapgod and tipdog)

if black and white, mass and energy, rock and water -- Olaf Schuiling pretends he learned about rockdust spreading benefits all by his lonesome (competes for a 25 miljon Gore/Branson prize but I am sure Bowie could beat him to it, hah!) -- don't get mixin and matin you see nothing appear between them, no cracks, no puddle bubbles and primals slimes, no fun, no go, no green to be seen.

http://mutualist.blogspot.com had a rather clever word last june: obamacon, the man throws of(f? you wish, nope, bipped in the nud .. back to eingeklemmerte reality), i mean, he is in the thralls n throws of the most relentless handlers and only cause he has proved pliant to protection money, his great show of leaning on liddul fundlings notwithstanding (i'd like to see the part of him that does not, defiantly, give in ... to subversion of ‘uniting states’ blanketyblingk, .... these days filled and flooded with dime a dozen imagination figmentis, a thousand year old family tree can be had for no money( )wadsoever (but a real one) never . or .. not till that much later ... homepage or gnome haydge.

Perhaps weally dropping the trade barriers this time (this, 17th of nov ((radio))morn) is a good start. I shall return to boredeurs in a sniffit.

Contrast and/or compair Michael Hudson( tax lawyer)'s accusatory tone with Obama’s ‘opportalism’ vibes.--

MH hurriedly attempting to ascribe agency (lotsa links further down) - keeping a sharp eye out for monopoles (poelen des verderfs*), directing them to jail and forgetting to laud the better better ..., obsessed with best which is as consensual as impossible (singular agency ruled irrelevant, no exemplarity, autonomy, just general store proscription, if anybody make him king he'd still never mind making the fist that crushes the rock that forms our soil and state of union but the wet waddle swaddle weddingry laws would set the stage for them at least.

BO has confident and sparkly ones ('bedaarde' not bejaarde - calm and collected, not elderlish). The PE and by extension MsM (iMmiseration ‘Mine ease tree’ for the masses) shower and ‘in fact’ us with a pre-stage sideshow of clean in name only innocence, most abusable due to the great tension between repute/aspiration and past/praxis, betting on propaBRAND(a lad in) profits. Worst of latter hides and sails under cover of best former. Schizophrenia and capitalism do not exist. Just potentials, with the smallest and cutest (dia- ‘vs’ paramagnetism) being most impunably stolen, prevented, aborted and ignored. Heroism and bonus cults cancelled and abolished.

* = waar we getuige mogen zijn van verstervelingen inplaats van ververszingen des erfs (for meaningcling see thanksgiving link further down)

I have remained quite alone all these digital years, as a body who grasps not only the dynamic between plus/minus, womb- and man, yin and yang, light and heavy – weather for instance, chic and awe fully responsive to having its wild and restful components rubbed to gether in the shape of fresh dust and normal clouds (the wet kinds, fresh of the oceans and yet extant watersheds) -- but a good few of the tranferals too, it works and (refl)acts( t)out on the worldstage of misleadership (topdog vs undergod) too and in full resonant skew for me, you and all.

oops ... another tangent ... that word ‘just’ triggers pain of another in-, per-, sub- and diversion of and (away) from
a thought i saw fit to polish into high preciosity, it's true crunchy crack crush corrective meaning has been subverticated another few notches away from good stuff ... such 2 story high yurts, this one in austria

... in dutch news of the past few days also:
rechtsgang vermeden door soepele houding (courtprocedures avoided through leniency, pliablility, not the very well known and widely practiced taking it, blows implied = incasseringsvermogen 'Stehvermögen' - can you stand it? = but UITcasseringsvermogen ... and sure enough trades and tariff walls ..all that exchequery bizz will be dismantled before israel's nuclear weapons ever are#).

The radiality of justice is lost on the way from teutonik to anglosackson, so never mind (local!) hard rock heavy metal work (by Brutal impact) in Iraq!, never mind report of ‘just’ that on this morn’s radio show too. But. Never mind the lack of fresh mud, grooving compost and growing gardens to show for it

… and by the way, since i am off-topic already, another one that really grated my great little oh so sensitive mind just yesterday was the 'perverse prikkels' (perverse stimulus, referring to the bonerous boon((tje runs with his loontje)) cultu rough course). A great abuse of the word fresh, largely responsible for my first * = ‘afzwaaier’ in dutch above.

I know and constantly realize i fail a zillionfold (so far) as a champ of true independence but i am the best (and not at best bewilderingly rewilding) bet anybody as far as I can see has got and can easily access so work with me goddamnit and stop this horrorshow.

ras - the stuff that hegdemonists claim (and tell the rest it) shouldn't matter
veredeling --- pediGreed
vruchtbaar --- productive

dutch more awkward here:
verklarende woordenlijst

An interview with Dr. Michael Hudson - financial economist and historian

By Guns and Butter - Audio
Will the US default on its foreign debt?

7th of november - 15 comments on the 17th, one of them points to a transcript via http://dandelionsalad.wordpress.com/

a total fucking amateur that don't know how to add updates (but look how's whining right?):


like i said, sorta useless except for this at the top: http://dandelionsalad.wordpress.com/2008/11/07/will-the-us-default-on-its-foreign-debt-interview-with-michael-hudson/

.. and for the linklist (don't like m3u links but kpfa does: http://www.kpfa.org/archives/index.php?arch=28908
october 15th .. no other formats available) and this:


10/9/08 -- 33 comments here:


via http://vodpod.com/watch/1098431-bailout-850-billion-try-five-trillion?pod=dandelionsalad

MH railing to ascribe agency, ill will and purposeful misleadership (hey, good'' word!!!!! Sad to have to give THAT occurency and curculution right?)

the transcript is here:

http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=MdsnIYurpSM - posted by therealnews.com
23005 views, added sept 26, 168 comments

put up a recent MH show also

MH speaks with Rattansi after Paulson's big show, added the 14th of october, watched 483 times, 4 comments added .... and that's gonna turn this tide around??????

Oh by the way, i have yet to find my first really admirable youtube comment ...


America: Host or Parasite?

9 months old, 2717 views,

and speaking about signs of intelligence:

# - Olmert seems to have called on Obama to prevent Iran from getting a bomb since they openly state intent to wipe israel off the map and the Dutch radio news editors have found that newsworthy (oblivious to explanations that make it obvious, implicated desires plead for simple regime change, Obama himself can be heard babbling about regaining respect and status. Did America ever have a decent version of that except in parts, patches and initial stages of admittedly tremendous but soon smothered promise?


And an echo of the sheer ineradicable shame

as far as following my advice from the last number of years .. finally. Thanks but no thanks, not too little to late but way too much way too late, and besides, no, on top of that, the wrong way too!!!!!

catmint said...

hey, thanks for your comment. I find Obama pretty likeable, as politicians go. The people whose political sense isn't locked into wanting tax cuts above everything are in the position of having won something of a victory but the scale of it isn't known yet. Could be something, could be not too much. The machine captained by Bush & Cheney is still in business. Hence there's a kind of Obama hangover.

catmint said...

Sergei Paradjanov had this to say about politicians:

"We need gifted speakers. We like artistismus. We like politicians who speak without using notes. We like it when their wives stand by their sides. But certain circles dislike it if a woman stands at a politician's side. An intelligent and gifted woman. Our leaders were not used to that, they used to hide their wives away. These women were monsters, pathological monsters. I know what I am talking about."