Thursday, July 03, 2008


"we used to do that kind of physical, hand-to-hand training, to build confidence and push people through their internal barriers. It's the same reason we waterboarded each other. It's a wake up call, and quite liberating."

This is a strange sort of announcement; in all probability contrived as part of a wider strategy of the gangsters in power in Washington, but with a sort of mutability: it could after all really be just this deranged apparachik. There's a setting up of provisionality. It's a bit like the introduction of new soap opera characters, put forward for public evaluation: "Do you like this guy? How did you feel about the mutual waterboarding backstory? Did you find any of it convincing? Oh, he doesn't have to come back, not if you don't want." I said before I thought the propaganda strategy had changed because they used to try to avoid revealing the very bad things they'd done (e.g. shooting down of Iran Air flight IR655). There was a tendancy to squirm and equivocate until the position being held became untenable. Now, I suppose, the idea is to give you time to get used to the bad news: present it first in this provisional way.

There's one moment of humour:

"He needs to get a briefing in the morning, like the threat matrix briefing that POTUS gets each morning. A miserable summary of what has gone wrong".


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