Monday, May 21, 2007

the horror of production

In the world of advertising the most persuasive effect to employ is horror. This advert positively whispers (to an audience some of whom may have never been in a factory) but you don't know about how any of this works. You only know whatever we tell you. As such it's neo-liberal propaganda, but inverted: stressing as nominally positive terms that normally signify decadence; so, stressing surplus rather than its opposite. Got me?


Le Colonel Chabert said...

notice who the consumer is:

catmint said...

On second thoughts what's interesting about the coke ad is how the viewer is meant to equate coke with the animation they've paid for

The animation's pretty good, but it's derivative of lots of other stuff (Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times would be one thing)

but it could be any product: it could be a Hawk missile: substitute the coke bottle for something else; change the first and last section

catmint said...

I couldn't get the "bureaucrash" link to work, but I had a look at some of the site

You can see straightaway that neoliberalism has its own mythology: a coherent way of looking at the world

The central idea: that bureaucracy tends to be wasteful, is reasonable enough I think, and I don't object to people organising on this sort of scale in favour of their own pecuniary interests, but it all seems a bit half digested.

Le Colonel Chabert said...

thelink is to a photo is of Che drinking a coke; the guy in the ad resembles a young Che quite a bit